LeoROM v9.5 高通猎户多机型支持 Qualcomm Exynos multi-model

首先对大家说一声很抱歉让大家久等了(First of all, I’m sorry to say that everyone has waited for a long time.)

为什么这次版本号直接跳过9.0到9.5,近段时间在发现很多朋友的版本号都是9.0 不想去曾热度所以直接将版本号定位V9.5





Why is this version number skipping 9.0 to 9.5 directly? Recently, I found that many of my friends’ version numbers are 9.0. I don’t want to go to the heat, so I will directly locate the version number V9.5.

LeoTweaks will be presented in front of you with a brand new UI. We have done a lot of streamlining and "aggregation" on the code to achieve code reuse and try to make you "limited" on limited resources. You are satisfied with the LeoROM, starting from V9.5 to unlock without downloading the unlock package, the specific situation will be known, the kernel download and installation does not need to be downloaded on the official website, you only need to move your finger to open the Leo kernel manager, you can upgrade the download FusionLeo kernel

Currently, all the custom functions have been completed. BUG is back in. There is no problem. I will enter the internal test. Please wait patiently for a few days.

OTA all improvements, will provide two OTA lines (China Telecom / overseas sites)

We will stop the maintenance of the previous version of V8.0 from the date of V9.5 release. The donation must be upgraded to V9.5 to support
Support China Unicom HD Voice VOLTE


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